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SLG - Power House In Luxury Real Estate
We aren't usual real estate business. Neither a marketing agency, nor PR experts, nor a consulting company.
We aren’t anything that you were familiar with.
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Our team is excited to announce the launch of the Power House in Luxury Real Estate - the network of successful professionals (agents, designers, architects, developers, influencers/celebrities, and marketers) across the globe.
We are the on-demand, exclusive, and all-inclusive solution for any task you have in Real Estate Business.
SLG - Power House In Luxury Real Estate
World-Class Designers
Famous Developers
Star Influencers
Top-Tier Luxury Magazines
Popular Celebrities
Top Marketers
Top Luxury Real Estate Agents
All of them are on your demand to help you achieve the best possible outcome
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We do not want to represent you exclusively as usual real estate agency. It is not our business.
Steps are simple
Let us show you in practice
What's the distinction?
*Let's define your goal
*You get results
*We create a strategy and manage the process
*We find out the optimal solutions
Our business is to select for you top players, solutions & strategies across the globe and manage the whole process for the best result in shortest time possible.
What we will bring to the table
*Top 5% Real Estate Super Stars in your location
*1M+ followers across all Social Media Platforms
*Immersive marketing including social media posts, IG Live, and publications in top-tier magazines
*Influencer marketing to help you maximize the power of your social media channels and enhance your exposure among potential clients
*Network of 10,000+ potential buyers, sellers and investors across the Globe
*Events throughout the year with some of the most influential people
*Full circle marketing services exclusively for SLG members
SLG is an acclaimed luxury real estate media network committed to connect and help the affluent to celebritize and sell high-end properties through innovative marketing and networking. By leveraging the power of collaborations with proven media, luxury brands and influencers, SLG strives to bring major exposure and sales results to real estate agents, developers, architects, designers, and builders.
With a major focus on redefining the boundaries of the luxury home industry, our team specializes in building a circle of high-level individuals and providing them the opportunity to connect, collaborate and grow together. SLG's ability to create an unparalleled network of winners is attributed to its team's commitment to empowering others.
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Driven by numbers. Fueled by passion. Pushed by soul.
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